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Smart Repairs UK - Apple Watch Repair

Smart Repairs UK

Specialist Apple Watch Repairs throughout the UK

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How we work

How do I get my Apple Watch to the Smart Repairs UK base?

Step 1

Get in touch with our experienced repair team via Whatsapp or by submitting a contact form using the button below

Apple Watch Repairs through the Post!

We specialise in the repair and replacement of Apple Watch Screens for customers throughout the UK. Our tech team at Smart Repairs UK are able to carry out the most in-depth Apple Watch repairs currently available in the UK. Your watch screen is made up of several different, super thin layers of tech that we can individually separate and replace only the parts you need - this means that you’re able to keep as much of your original parts as possible.

Your smart watch can become an essential part of your life, so when the unexpected happens - we can help return that smashed screen to its former glory.


Prices Start at £75

Apple Smart Watch Repair UK

Tell us more...

There are several types of repairs we can carry out on your Apple Watch depending on the damage

We are specialists in smart watch repair

Full LCD

Help! I think my watch is dead...

Worst case scenario, your LCD is no longer working - We’ll remove any broken glass and have a good look and test, we would never replace an LCD unless there is no other option. We’ll also check and remove your NFC chip if possible (sometimes these can be damaged from any impact that can break an LCD), and transfer this to your new LCD. We test your watch at each stage before resealing.

We are specialists in smart watch repair UK

Glass Only

Everything works as it should, just the glass is cracked.

Our most popular repair - We test the touch sensitivity is fully working and then strip off all the old damaged glass from your watch and separate your digitiser and LCD. We attach new glass using special glues and test the LCD and touch sensitivity is fully working before resealing your watch. This repair is only available for series 4 and higher.

UK Smart Watch Repair

Glass & Digitiser (Touch)

I can see it, but I can't touch it?

Sometimes an impact may have also damaged the touch sensitivity of your watch and you’ll notice that you aren't able to interact properly with certain areas of your screen. We’ll remove and replace both the damaged glass and digitiser, and then test both of these with your LCD to make sure everything is working as it should and finally reseal your watch. This repair is available for series 2 and higher.

Battery Replacement

Is your Apple Watch running out of steam before the end of the day? We can replace the battery to keep your watch going as long as you do. Not only do we provide high quality screen repairs but we can also offer some replacement battery, back glass, frame, side button and digital crown repairs. Please contact our team if you are interested in one of these repairs as they require colour matching parts.

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Our Office Hours are 10-6 weekdays.
We also offer a text service outside these hours.

England, United Kingdom

Call or txt: 07759961745

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All repairs have a 6 month limited parts warranty that 
does not include physical or water damage.

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Want to know what our customers are saying about us?

Click the links below to visit our Google  and Trustpilot pages

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